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Essie Nail Color

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Essie Nail Color - Choose Your Color!

New Resort Collection

  • 827/1012-Come Here! / 828-Under Where? / 829-First Timer /830-In The Cab-ana

Color is my obsession! Combine shades from the same color palette to create bold, beautiful nails

  • 008/10-Blanc : a Snowy white, perfect for french manicures
  • 12/424-Bordeaux : a Deep red wine
  • 37/240-Fiesta : a Shock of creamy hot pink
  • 064/422-Adore a Ball : a Sheer soft pink, perfect for a french manicure
  • 088/448-East Hampton Cottage : a Beauty sand pink with hints of sheer shimmer perfect for a french manicure
  • 096/162-Ballet Slippers : Award-winning , best-selling classic pale pink with a sheer finish
  • 120/505-Vanity Fairest : a Shimmery and sheer pastel pink
  • 168/560-Spaghetti Strap : hot summer nights call for a breezy dress, strappy sandals and lovely, sheer pink peony nails. romantic manicures and perfect pedicures begin with this delicately hued nail lacquer.
  • 249/352-Wicked : a Deep and dark creamy sinister red
  • 256/563-Bachelorette Bash
  • 296/719-Splash of Grenadine
  • 300/783-Play Date
  • 348-Fiji : an Opaque creamy pale pink
  • 384-Mademoiselle : the Most classic grown-up pink
  • 392/522-Sole Mate : a Creamy and rich deep plum
  • 400/609-Bahama Mama
  • 456-Fancy Delancy : an Elegant creamy fuchsia with purple undertones
  • 469-Limo Scene : a Sheer pastel pink, perfect for french manicures
  • 470-Pink Diamond : a Sparkling gemstone pink
  • 473-Sugar Daddy : a Sweet and shimmery pink, perfect for a french manicure
  • 502-Minimalistic : a Barely there pink
  • 566-Real Simple : a Sheer and soft baby pink
  • 568/686-Cute as a Button
  • 596-Stater Wife : a Sheer and soft pastel pink, perfect for a french manicure
  • 609-Bahama Mama : a Warm, rich, creamy deep plum
  • 633-Hi Maintenance : an Innocent, sheer pale pink
  • 696-Chinchilly : a Sleek granite gray
  • 697/792-Midnight Cami : a Shimmering deep twilight blue
  • 730-Merino Cool : a Sensuous autumn mulberry
  • 735-Hot Coco : Paint on this tawny sepia and channel the roaring '20s for a look that's timelessly flawless
  • 736-Luxedo : Suit up in this deepest plum and boldly go where no man has gone before
  • 739-Smokin' Hot : Break the rules with this stone-cold fox gray that burns hotter than any flame
  • 740-French Affair : a Sophisticated soft lavender pink
  • 742/852-Coat Azure
  • 755/858-Meet Me at Sunset
  • 760/884-Carry On : a Deep romantic burgundy
  • 764/886-Lady Like : an Elegant soft mauve
  • 768-Cock Tail Bling : pledge allegiance to the bling. this precious gray jewel nail lacquer is the hit of every party, inspiring total adoration.
  • 769/890/1001-Bobbing for Baubles : a Deepest darkest sapphire
  • 801/1036-Mojito Madness
  • 802/919-Off the Shoulder
  • 803/1032-Cascade Cool
  • 805/924-Head Mistress
  • 806/925-Stylenomics
  • 828/1015-Under Where?
  • 829/1013-First Timer
  • 830/1014-In The Cab-ana
  • 885/1000-Power Clutch
  • 891/1005-Size Matters
  • J500/930-Action
  • 1033/1011-Go Ginza

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